A sample Certificate of Authenticity registered with Verisart®.

Prints come in multiple sizes and editions. Originals and limited edition prints are both archival. Originals and limited edition prints all come with a signature and authentication label affixed to the back of the work as well as a corresponding certificate of authenticity printed on 100% cotton rag paper with a deckle edge. All originals and limited edition prints are registered in collector-accessible registries on the web along with ownership transfers, providing a clear provenance.

Originals (Monoprints)
Originals are one-of-a-kind pieces that are generally larger than the limited edition prints.
You will see a great many images here that are listed as monoprints. Monoprints are a type of original the same as an oil on canvas, for instance.

Limited Edition Prints
Limited editions are multiple prints of the same image. I generally print two different sizes in two different editions. The smaller prints are usually in a more numerous edition, say 20, with what is known as an artist’s proof or two. The larger prints are generally in a smaller edition of 5 or 6 with a single artist’s proof.

Open Edition Prints
Open edition prints are commercially printed and are not archival. There is no limit on the number of prints that might be made. They are available in various sizes and are ideal for those on a more modest budget. Open edition prints are shipped directly from the printing service.