We Are Golden

We Are Golden #12

30 x 20 inches
Dye-sublimation print on metal.

We Are Golden #12 will be shown in these Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area exhibitions this summer.

May 15 – June11, 2021
Exhibition Closed

June 26 – September 12, 2021

We Are Golden was begun in March of 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to ravage the world in earnest. The worst pandemic since 1918, income inequality, a climate change crisis, a failing infrastructure, and racism have all alarmed us. And rightfully so!

Critical problems? Yes, but, for all our failings, I believe in humankind. I believe in our resiliency. In the words of Joni Mitchell, “We are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden”. We can and. despite the challenges before us, we will.

All works on this page are available as a single dye-sublimation “monoprint” on metal as well as in dimensionally smaller limited editions of prints on metal.

… And We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Back To The Garden

Back To The Garden #1

30 x 50 inches
Satin dye-sublimation print on metal.